KeRpaL Duel League

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KeRpal Duel League written by KeRpaL, 4 years, 8 months ago


I'm happy to present you a Duel League. League will have 3* divisions with varied skill level of players signed up in each division(high, advanced, low). Players sign-up to main list, then they are put to a particular division based on their skills and experience in Duel. The main point of the league is to give less experienced/skilled players chance to compete against as much as possible equally skilled players and also provide high-skilled matches for veterans of the game. This is an experimental thing but I still have hope we won't have many walkovers and the league and stuff I'll do towards making it interesing (interviews with players, asking players for pre/after match comments, asking another warsow players about matches/groups/league opinions/having stream) will make it entertaining and both players and spectators will enjoy it.
*might be more dependant on how skillwise varied players are going to sign up. (maybe beginner too)

2. Format:

Group phase with 4 players in each*. Best two players in each group advance to Final Phase with Single Elemination brackets. All games are played in Best of Five system.

1st match: from 5th to 12th October.
2nd match: from 12th to 19th October.
3rd match: from 19th to 26th October.
Final phase: 2nd November - 14:30 CEST.

Sign-ups are open** from now till 5th November.

* ammount of groups will be dependant on ammount of signed up players.
** If you have problem signing up (some people get captcha error) contact me @ IRC /q KeRpaL or private message on forums.
- If you are more than 20 minutes late it means that you automatically loose. If you have problems making it, make sure to talk with the oponent to set a new date in time. If your oponent doesn't show up, report it to an admin.
- Before playing your match please contact with an admin.* (tell me the date of the match so I will try to get a stream)

3. Map pool:

| wdm2 | wdm6 | wdm10 | wdm12 | wdm14 |wdm15 | wdm17 |
Map picking: drop-drop-pick-pick-pick-pick-pick
Cointoss winner drops first.

4. Reporting scores

Players must take screenshots and save demos and send them to:

5. Contact
- Idle #KeRpaL @ QuakeNet during the league for better communication.

6. Stream & Shoutcasting
TBA - I'll ask Jehar&Inane or medve for providing stream.

forum post with updates etc: []